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Anger Is An Asset

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

9:25 AM

A man that does not know how to be angry does not know how to be good.

I would tell people all the time I would rather them angry than depressed. Why? Anger is just energy, it is a lot easier to shift from a high negative energy state to a high positive energy state, but it is very difficult to grow energy within someone. On top of that, when a person has an artificial energy implanted 2 things normally happen:

1. It does not last long

2. That energy came from somewhere and chances are you gave it to them (knowingly or not). Remember this: you only have a limited amount of energy to give.

Anger is useful, especially in today's age because it helps point us in a direction. You probably hear it everyday "I don't know what I want to do", if you ask anyone under 40 chances are that's likely an answer you will get. It's a disease and it renders the greatest part about being human useless.

So, you don't know what you want to do, well that doesn't mean you should do nothing. Anger is a great starting point to figuring out where to start. If I were to ask you: what makes you Angry? For some, the answer may be politics, for some the answer may be the way corporations do business, for others it might be the fact they're currently broke. You can use that Anger to guide you. Remember Anger is energy and it is just looking for a way to express itself. The Anger you feel is actually telling you that something should be done about what makes you angry and you are the person who should do it.

How to use Anger as a guide.

1. Make a list of everything that makes you angry 2. Prioritize the list from greatest amount of anger to least.

3. Find a way to solve the greatest amount of highest prioritized items on your list.

For example, if your top 3 angers are:

1. Need more money

2. Don't like the way a company does business

3. Politics.

It may make sense to start a company that rivals the company in bullet 2, find a way to make that company profitable, and use those profits to change politics. This is an extremely simplified version, there obviously are more variables, but the key concept is your Anger-inducing thoughts can be used to guide you to accomplish great things.

Quick History: How Anger created Lamborghini Anger is what started Lamborghini. If you don't know the story the short of it is: Ferruccio Lamborghini (the guy who created Lamborghini) was a post-World War II entrepreneur. He realized that in post WWII Italy there was an agricultural and industrial revitalization going on, he opened a mechanics garage and began using parts from military vehicles that were no longer being used. He used these parts to build tractors. His tractor company, Lamborghini Trattoria was successful, and with that success Ferruccio found himself with enough wealth that he decided to purchase the epitome of Italian success, a Ferrari. Ferruccio thought that Ferrari's cars were good, but too noisy and rough to be proper road cars. He found the cars had inferior clutches, which would need to be rebuilt often. Frustrated about this, he told the creator of Ferrari that the car could be improved. Enzo Ferrari (the man who started Ferrari) responded by saying insulting Ferruccio, "what do you know about cars Tractor Boy". This lit an anger inside Ferruccio and thus a rivalry was born. Anger is what took an idea that never existed before and brought it to reality.

How Anger creates movements: Example Gandhi

This is just one example of how Anger impacts business. But you should remember that Anger impacts other things outside the realm of business as well. For example, Gandhi. Gandhi is renowned around the world as a symbolism of peace. But what many don't realize is that peace that he represented came from a starting point of anger. Gandhi was fed up with British dominance and although he used peace as a way to accomplish his goal, it was some form of anger that prompted him to move forward on his thoughts. There is even a book written by Gandhi's grandson called "The Gift of Anger, which is a composition of lessons that Gandhi Taught him in the 2 years he lived with him. A quote from the book:

“He saw anger as a good thing, as the fuel for change, but he made me understand you must get control over it.”

Again, there are millions of examples throughout history. Almost every great movement in history was started from Anger in some form or context.

Book Idea: Someone should create a book that studies the moment right before an amazing thing was set into motion. Each page laid out with 1 photo at the top followed by the a description of the moment where amazingness was being created. How many "I've had enough of this" moments have created remarkable things I wonder.

Failing To Teach Anger

Anger, allows energy that lays dormant inside you to awaken. Certain levels of Anger actually allow us to become superhuman for a moment of time. Let me repeat that again in a different way, Anger can allow you to become a Superhuman when used correctly.

A prime example of this is: Have you ever been so angry that you don’t care if you're judged? The desire to not care what people think of you is ranked by high on the list of wants for many, but it is rarely achieved. Anger can help push you to the point of no longer caring.

Anger is what allows people to get in gear. Anger allows the people who have been on a yo-yo diet for years finally say "that's it, no more I'm doing this". Anger helps pull people out of being broke, a person finally gets fed up with the fact that he has nothing saved after his bills every month. Anger, used correctly* can even help you get the woman, or man, you finally get so tired and fed up of being scared to approach someone, that Anger can actually get you to do it.

Anger is so powerful and yet we do such a horrible job using it to live our best lives. We do such a terrible time utilizing it. From my experience, this is because we're rarely taught how to use it correctly. Which means unless we go about figuring it out for ourselves, we will never truly learn the power of it.

The issue with that is, people tend to get so caught-up in life that they never take the time to study and analyze how their Anger can serve them. Not only are we not taught how to use it, it's worse than that, society tries to steal it from us. Anger from my understanding is usually beaten out of us in 1 of 2 ways:

You have done enough "stupid" things while in an Angry state that after that state was over you were embarrassed by your actions, or even sorry. This happening actually limits your anger in the future. A prime example of this is the "I don't care if you judge me" experience. A person who is angry and finally pushes past the barrier of fear finally doesn't care what people think. The issue is that person may* do something that they are embarrassed by after the fact. They don't recognize that it was not the Anger that caused them to be embarrassed, it was the action that they took while they were angry that caused this. Unless you consciously distinguish that fact, your subconscious mind will associate angry as being "bad" when in fact, it was actually great because it pushed you to the point of "I don't care what people think".

This is where the quote "Speak when you're angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret" comes from. What must be realized is that Anger can get you to speak!

What you say or do is what will make you be embarrassed/sorry. This seems to always be the case, UNLESS you set up a system where you use the Anger to get you to speak, but you do not use it to control the words you say.

You were told enough times to brainwash you, especially in society today, that anger is a bad quality to have."You need to love and practice peace". Yeah, you do. But you also need to practice anger because there will inevitably be moments in life when you will be angry, or you will need to be angry, it's inevitable because it's evolution. Sometimes we should "practice gratitude" or "count to 10" or do something else to remove the anger, but other times it is the easy way out and it actually stunts your progress as a person.

Remember, true Anger is only 1 degree away from pure-passion. By learning how to focus it, you have the possibility of becoming an unstoppable force (if coupled with other emotions).

Recognize that every emotion is a tool, and Anger is one of the most important tools to have in your tool kit. How do you use anger:

1. Know thyself

- What makes you angry? - Why does it make you angry? - Is it calling you to do something?

2. Figure out how you can put it to work

3.What systems can you put in place to make sure that the anger remains in check - Remember all the times that anger made you embarrassed. - Remember all the times that you regretted being angry. - Differentiate how that anger will be different from your current Anger. 4.Remember The Paradox ( to be covered in another post) - In order to fully understand Anger and how to use it, you must understand and know how to use the antithesis of Anger. Stop focusing on micro-balancing and start focusing on macro-balancing.

If you have the a spark of passion. Anger can be the gasoline that helps turn it into a raging fire.

Quick notes:

Anger can be good if it's an energy that motivates you towards action to right, the thing that is angering you.

Good Satire comes from anger. It comes from a sense of injustice, that there are wrongs in the world that need to be fixed.

It's okay to be Angry, the question is, what are you going to do with it.

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