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Ideas are worthless execution is everything!

  • Seedinvest for your friends


  • Linkedin for trades

  • Website the shows venture funds and the investments they hold and you can ilter them

  • Buy complexity sell simplicity

  • Keto Cappucino - keto oreo

  • Want to adop x knowning are rebild yoyr social accounts to do so.

  • Go to reddit, find a r/midlyinfuriating with a lot of comments, solve thm

  • Autonomous shopping cart tracker

  • The middle class needs some sort of inspiration

  • How to make a fun toungue

  • Self Promotion

  • Places to stay @as you transfer to a new city

  • Direct to consumer condoms

Importanceof having a personal philosophy and business philosphy

In the future companies will hire philosophers towork with them - they already do it

Shaker bag as opposed to a shaker bottle

Collapsable thoracic extension machine

Stretching certification

  • Social Edia website where people put their goals up front and deadlines

    • Visionboard

  • Anywhere in the world vibrating pants

  • Invent something for skateboard joints

  • Puzzle shipping boxes

    • This engages the consumer right then and there

  • Dust Pan that grab s that last bit

  • Coffee and cinnamon stick

  • Economics of NOW

  • Were all human podcasts

You don’t have an internet proble, you have a hiring proble,

People would love to go to stores if they enjoyed the people working there


  • Insurance for people starting a business age 25-29

  • K cup to go

  • Tinder for lifting buddies

  • Create a watchbrand to make it a family heriloom

  • Stetching evice thatautomatically notches up everyday, making it automatically so you

  • Water tight seal plastic patent

  • Social media trding spaces

  • Organic diaper delivery

  • Book inspiratoin that can be swapped to another sport

  • Kevlar Tent

  • Kayak for shopping

    • Type in what you want and it will check theentire list of shopping sites

    • Anger is an asset tool coach

Lulu grade clothes without lulu grade prices


Toothpaste built in tooth brush



  • Customizable divider section bag

  • It's your responsibility to moderate who you follow, social media

  • Network of mechanics to check out before auction

  • Reduce halfway housing cost

  • Mattress lift for making the bed

  • Inspirational sports book where the sport can be changed depdning on the sport you play

  • Muscle stickers for trainers

  • Create they live glasses that recognize  advertising

  • Cocktails for athletes

  • Why does there only need to  be 3 prehhistoric credit ratings

  • The Best towel in the world

  • Make advertising so bad that people would rather pay the $1 (do this as usage increase_

    • Don’t make it so bad to begin with that it makes people want to leave

  • Birchbox for the same products aged at different lengths

    • Jerky, scotch, etc

  • Glass bottle that when dropped does not break

    • Shatterproof glass

  • Add on for twitter wher (#) gets counted and influencers can see what the most # words are in reference to them

  • Linkedin certified passed drug test

  • How to teach people to think for themselves

  • Motivational Obituary Website

  • Motivational Gym Magnet

    • Gym bingo

    • Gym Board Game

  • Wheel Borrow Hjarness

  • How much filament is left on spool

  • Happy Human Brand

  • College degree from a country with a very weak currency

  • Socket wrench with opening in middle to allow all lengths of bolt to go through

  • Sauce secializing for eggs

    • Ketchup without sugar

  • Attachment for weight cage that turns the pulley cabel into a preacher curl

  • Warehouse pizza\

  • Ice wrap

  • Herb extract infused wrap


  • Laser Food Thermometer built into grill

  • Tell us what you want to learn watch etc…. And we will pul all info from youtube, instagram, twitter for influencers (based on filters you set up) therby creating the profile you want to see, the people you wish yt to view. Saving you time so you don’t have to explore the entire internet

  • Dryer that folds clothes

  • Lobbying and politics  should be dead now, app for politicans to start using for reaching out

  • Coffee Butter - Coffee Peanut Butter

Weightbar where chalk is built into the bar itself.

Spin the bar to release through the microholes .


  • Keto Paste - keep up the pace

    • L carnitine, l tyrosine, coconut oil and electrolytes

  • Crocodile oil

  • Cricket powder

  • Solution to crotch buldge

Unlearn entitltement to relearn entitlteent

Convo between capitalist and criminals

  • Car seat plug into car outlet

  • Remote car starter, cheap and easy

  • Drive through monitor that meeets your car window

  • Program that registers you don’t want a call

  • Iceland geothermal

  • The hustle for politics

  • Trash can that analyzes and reports back on al the uneaten fod you've thrown away so you'll finally stop buying X

  • Public storage that continuously scans your junk and automatically lists any items on ebay that have a high probability of selling



  • Verifid Supply Chain

  • Dropper Rgulator

    • Only 24 hours

    • Only so much with each drop

  • Pre poision ivy

  • Saltiest soap

  • Gym for trainers

  • Drones to monitor for sharks

  • Website that offers distribution to artists where they can make more than. 003 - .009

  • Building atlas

  • Portable at home gym service

    • Look at that, not every difficult to write in a journal

  • Butterfly effect & chaos theory

  • Idea to save paper

    • Develop a printer where instead of it printing out a fill name page it prints 1/4 sheet

  • Opportunity daily blog

  • Vending machine - quest bar

  • Book meant obe read with a soundtrack

    • Breaking point a stroll through the

  • Nationwide collegiate barbell club

  • Pair wines with dark chocolates

  • Protein for old people

  • Cinnamin flavored piillls

  • Microgym focused on specialized training sesssions

    • Find enough people to rent part of the gym to start the gym.

  • Fully automate dads business

  • Personal Brand Developer

  • Fitbit watch you breath into in order to measure co2 levels

  • There is a merket to replace ambulance rides…. Too expensive

    • People don’t capitlie or do capatilize is economics.

    • There is a great qustion for anyone on the dating seen, why are you single

  • Diary of a (insert title)

  • Spray that goes on your fingers temporarily in order to harden to play instruments

  • Heirarchy of suppliers

  • Dominate industries are beginning to show their age

  • Network Proportionate to your knowledge level

  • Slip on towel in bathroom

  • Gym statistical analyzer

    • Measure equipment usage

  • Personal brand developer

    • Efficiency expert to optimize life

  • Implement 4 hour body

  • Electronic field clothing

  • Mind + body + Soul  Over a time period of Past Present Future

  • Teach Sacrifice

  • You're not working hard enough app

  • GPS Tracking MAP

  • Titan software

  • Networking site -

  • Software - if someone asks me a question I've already answered. I can in real time send them a link to the video instantaneously

Grill opennig


  • Instagram needs better sorting for posts you’ve liked

  • Shoulder Alignment Crank

  • Chemistry mixed with magnetic fields

  • Sell 1% of business for 10k

  • Insurance specializing in allowing company to leave products

  • Sell NYC water infused with electrolytes

  • Solution to crotch bulge

  • True college introduction movies

  • Press button - auto response to catch robbers - gun auto tracks to their face, as soon as you remove your hand from the switch, the gun fires.

  • Crowd funding for helping animals -

  • Magnetic Electro Muscle

  • Emergency calls raises ringer volume to unbearable level

  • Training accountability model

  • Spreeder for physical books. Clip on and forces you to read fast.

  • Fast food restaurant with 3 options and these 3 options change every month. Top seller stays as product and you keep new ones each month

  • Train world class athletes

  • Unbound jewlery

  • Commitment guy

  • Retro wearable band

  • GNC sales practice

  • Solutions architect

  • Opportunity daily

  • Pair reading and music

  • Atlas shrugged

  • Workout machine app

  • Organic reagent

  • Milk supplier

  • Flatten sand rat the beach to create something interesting

  • Cricket supplier

  • Build companies with least resistance to under armour

  • Staffing through Podcasts

  • Atlas Shrugged Podcasts

  • Interview old people

  • Life university

    • College without the college part.

  • Drones that patrol for sharks

  • Depression fixed with nature

  • Bra that checks for breast cancer

Mario Party in real life.

  • Rockland barbell club

  • Influenceer of a generation

  • Snap moments on location for game

  • Square piece to plug into phone for personal training wacker

  • Drone tracking camera

  • Lease program that racks data

  • Lease to trainers

  • I am gods disciple my spirit is in his hands and be it immortal it is protected forever my body it was never meant to be forever why then should I fear anything.

  • Self Publish hire as speaker

  • Music connected with kindle

  • 2 second toaster

  • Track obituaries

  • Create an RFID Scanner that works with application on smartphone

  • Pants that harden into a seat when you want to sit down

  • Software to kill reply all email chains

  • Regulated Social Media Platforms

  • Neurochemistry test to see how much seratonin we have

  • True Ganci

  • Solutionsarchitecht

  • Ron Chernow, Rothschilds

  • Motorcycle Helmet

  • 10% gift giving

  • Twitter to text

  • Carbon Monoxide registers reading and tells you when it goes off, synced with phone

  • Create own races

  • Espresso Creama Iced

  • Switchel

  • Coffee mason jar creatine,

  • Linkedin for trade schools

  • Statistics specifically for fitness world

  • Develop a book to show that the highest people in the world are just fucking people. They have insecurities and struggles just as much as the other people.

  • Bluetooth business card, follows on all platforms

  • Plastic cup that wraps around wine bottles

  • Want to command attention, watch wwe promos

  • Foremost for trainers

    • Personal reminders are better than apps

  • Twitter to direct text

  • Workout machine app to achieve goal

  • Organic reagent teter

  • Mason Jar update

  • Solutions architect

  • Caveman principle, - fear of the unkown

  • Don’t dal with victims

  • Improve underarmour watch

  • Toaster with compartments for food

  • Rejection Game

  • Learn Employee Sftware

  • Software that tracks gym equipment usage

  • Ricky John Galt T Shirt

  • Platform that allows you to give stcks across platforms

  • Gun that detcts another gun is present and only fires when another gun is present

    • Gun that only fires incapacitating shots

  • Travel app that has every minute planned

  • Hair dryer for car

  • Timer sleep and stretcher

  • Hang myself and spirit outside myself


  • If someone uses their kindle hashtags are automatically generated to get more users to see more content

  • Rollerblade arm roller

  • Gods gym - puts on mass!

  • Grill spatulla where the handle has a firmness tester, use handle to press down on meets to see how cooked they are

  • Whatever it takes trademark?


  • Pos selling

  • Device to pull moisture out of the air and filter it into drinkable water

  • Squeeze pack for shaving cream trial size

  • I'm opening a gym for personal trainers where personal trainers get to keep 100% of their retained earnings. Don’t pay me anything

    • Contact a bunch of companies- im opening a gym full of products/people to review

  • Washer with organic detergent built in

  • Dryer with organice dryer sheets built in

  • Worlds lightest luggage

IT DESNT INTEREST ME - "MY LIFE DOESN’T INTEREST YOU" - no what you're doing doesn’t interest me. But that could be 1. maybe your doing boring shit. 2. you should not make your life interesting for me


If we could improve your expierence in 21 way what would it be


Company to build personal sountracts


Starbucks room rented by the hour specfically for meetings


Medical tape mixed with herbs

Toilet for squatting standing up

Jess's fodo catering business

I enjoy learning from others so I don’t want infinite knowledge


[rpgram to track `customers shipping

Customers who have not ordered in a while receive quicker shipping although they ordered standard.


Rubber rings to put around your fingers

Magnetic skis and snowboard


Backpack that builds muscle traps etx

Heated running board

Distribution manufacturing marketing


Gym motivational magnets

Bodybuilding toothbrush

Toothbrush cap


Bottlecap to fit any size bottle

Expanding and collopsing tuppaware container

Hair dryer for car

Roller blade arm massager

Smart yoga mat

Get excited to pay using POS

Credit card round up to lotter ticket

Pillow Onesie - like a snuggie with apillows sticked in

Do you

Shaving Pack squeeze pack

Custom foam cutting for cabinetry. Lik car marts but for knick knacks


Company to build personal soundtracks

Scren that absors sunlight and turns it into  charge

Rockland Community College Authors


Track when machins ned to be oiled

K cup recycle

Massage soap

School doesn’t teach confidence

Blanked whole for head

Smart toaster

Entreprenuert trainer

Tray you can put raw meat on and cook

Soap chain studded belt you can pull for massage

Plastic cup to wrap bottle

 plank app alarm

Smoked cork in wine bottle

Scalp massagin shampoo release

Tooth brush head to sit on toothpaste

Liquid Courage Alcohol Drink

Sacrifice is refusing to follow though on what socity wants you to do

Shower matt to measure impact causing an alam to go off

Flat hand wrist crank

Develop laird drink for the market - profit charity

Disney world & fitness

Every olympic event should include one average person competing for reference

What is the best way to reach out to you.

  • Eco Gym

  • Kettlegryp

  • Elation fitness

  • Build Systems that optimize goal realization

  • Elastic Strap Garbage Bag

  • A glass bottle with a molded bottom in the shape of a skull, makes it look like there is a skull inside the bottle (insert picture


Chaos theory systems architects

Build an in person brand while running an online business.



Just go to college, do it. I know I made mistakes did anyone catch them and how to improve them. IF you don't use x in y amount of time, I will refund.


Opportunity does not equal equality

Farm where animals are 3rd or 4th generation grass fed

Speaking propsoal

Umbrella stickers



Energy wine

Compartment taster

Learn employee softwar

Buy dads business

Email chain killer

Command attention with wwe

 volere e potere

Toilet designed for full squats

Custom foam cutting for cabinetry - like weathertech but for kick knacks

When you create products consumers arent demanding yet, you must create the deamnd

Butterfly effects life learning

Personal systems architect

Trade linkedin

My team identifies problems and we bring in specialists.

You wouldn’t know the specialists if it wasn’t for us.





20 surveys

8 ratings

17 topics


Preliminary platofrms stricktly for internsips

Scream -

"theres a bear coming after me" and the technology emits a high pitched sound to deter the animal

Handshake part of pocket chalk


Gym farm combo



Crow bar seperates into two separate bars - need a wow facto

Vitamin Straw

Dating site - letter of recommendation, the service allows you to select people who can write a letter of recommmendation for adults who understand the oppostire party is a good perosn just not right fo them. Anonymousely sent

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